Tips For New Massage Therapists

A simple Google search for the word “massage” makes one thing clear – there are tons of articles and information for a customer or a person who is going to receive a massage. But finding out good information for a masseuse is hard luck. There are very few articles and fewer still among them are genuine.

So it is not surprising that a new masseuse often finds himself at a loss if he wants to learn more about the trade than what has been taught to him. This article is an attempt to help you if you are new to the trade or if you want to polish your existing skills, or if you are simply interested in a massage.


There are so many kinds of massages that bringing them under one article is well-nigh impossible. But we can at least attempt to make a small list of must-have items that you can keep handy to ensure that your business prospers. Take a look here –

The one product that has made it to the top list of almost all massage therapists due to its versatility and its cost effectiveness is the CyroCup. Unlike the usual plastic cup that needs to discarded after each use, CyroCup is reusable. That makes is environment friendly and also helps you save money instead of spending upon one cup for each client. Additionally, it comes with a ring on top that makes for a great grip during deep massages.

Poultices are a must have for every massage business. They come with a variety of herbs and provide an interesting alternative to the traditional heat application. The ball helps to put in more pressure while maintaining soft surface, while the stem or the handle helps to guide the ball to the exact pressure points.

Glass cups which help in the massage technique of cupping are used by a large number of athletes. They work by using a flame to empty the air out the glass cup so that an area of vacuum is created. However, cupping is a highly complex method of massage and must be performed only by those who have been professionally trained in it.

Hot Packs are a basic that every massage centre should have. Most of them are microwaveable and with a little care, are easy to maintain and last for years. While using them, it is important to remember to never use them on the bare skin of the customer. Apart from the fact that there is a risk of burn injury; you might also end up harming your hot pack. The oils, sweat, or even the massage cream which gets minuscule deposits may build up over the years and lead to slow degeneration of your product. Instead, always use a soft cloth or a pillow case to wrap it in.

Stones – both hot and cold are very much in fashion and are an important part of any massage salon. Different sets of basalt stones that are heated in water are used for hot stone massage. It is also advisable to have a bowl of cool water nearby to ensure that the stones are not overheated before they are placed on the client. Cold stones, made from marble or quartz are also used in massage, especially for inflamed muscle or to soothe puffiness of face in facial massage.

With the help of these tools and armed with knowledge, it shall be easy for anyone to perform a good massage. The job of a massage therapist is hard, but the availability of correct set of tools make all the difference about the experience that one can provide to the client.

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