Careers In Pharmacy – What Should I Pursue?


A pharmacy forum could help you to decide which career path is right for you in the pharmacy field. It can actually be a rewarding career as you interact with the public on a daily basis and help them with a variety of health issues. Being involved in the health care field can be fantastic and a lot of people don’t realize the importance of pharmacies or the roles they play in today’s society. They help us more than we think. However, if you’re thinking about a career in the pharmacy field, which career should you pursue?

Becoming a Pharmacist

A pharmacist is one of the major career roles within this industry and it’s one which is very important too. A pharmacist is a health care professional and they are the ones with the responsibilities of dispensing medications. Whenever a doctor prescribes a medical prescription to a patient, they go to the pharmacy and it’s the pharmacist who fills the prescriptions for them.

They can also advise patients how the medicine should be taken and helps with queries and questions also. If this interests you, you will have to gain a degree. You have the option of a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy which is a two year degree program; you need qualifications in biology, chemistry and anatomy. A PCAT test is necessary too. This can be quite a tough route as it takes almost four years of studying to obtain a license. A pharmacy forum may answer more of your questions.Learn additional tips at

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician on the other hand, has the duty of assisting pharmacists. It’s the technician who actually measures the prescriptions to ensure they are correct; and also helps to package and label each medicine. Technicians can also do regular pharmacy work. The way people check out an erectile dysfunction forum, be wary customers may try and ask you about certain conditions.

It may prove useful to have a degree or some certification in medicine. It’s not actually necessary but would prove useful. The basic requirements are for a high school diploma and formal pharmacist technician training which isn’t too difficult. A lot of people start off with gaining experience at a pharmacy before they undertake training. This can vary but many pharmacists will look at offering this position.

Which Career Is Right?

To be honest, both career paths are great, but becoming a pharmacist takes a lot of time and it of course requires a lot of qualifications and degrees too. Technicians don’t require much training apart from the standard technician training which is still quite rigorous. However, the choice between the two really comes down to where you see your career leading. Pharmacists usually run their own business and if this isn’t for you, then technician may be a golden opportunity. It can actually be fantastic if you have the determination to become a technician. It may be wise to look at a pharmacy forum and check out what others are saying about both careers.

Pharmacy Careers Are Rewarding


Both pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are great opportunities. You can enjoy helping the community and it’s always a profession in high demand. However, if you feel undertaking four years of training isn’t something you want to do at this time or don’t have the time to do so, you could always become a technician and in later life train to become a pharmacist. Having a few years of experience as a technician will be extremely useful; and you could post a few question on a pharmacy forum to find out more about on-the-job training if you wanted to.

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A Few Tips on How to Start a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Those looking to become a pharmacy technician often look at an online pharmacy forum for help and it can be a good idea. Pharmacy technicians have a varied role within the pharmacy world and it is a lot different than what many us believe.

However, do you know how to start your career as a pharmacy technician? The following are a few tips you may need to think about before taking the plunge.

Obtain a High School Diploma

First things first, anyone who wants to become a pharmacy technician will need to graduate high school. If you left school without your high school diploma, don’t panic as there is another way in which you can obtain this diploma. You could go through a GED program in which you complete high school.

It doesn’t matter if you are still in your teens or in your fifties, you can complete a GED course. This shouldn’t be too problematic and it can be the first step for you to become a pharmacy technician. Even if you read a pharmacy forum, you’ll see this is a necessary step to take.

Consider Online Pharmacy Technician Training
Technician training varies from state to state as do the license requirements. However, if you want to start your career, you need to first undertake the necessary training programs. There are a variety of ways for you to learn including standard classroom education or more popularly, Internet classes.

Online or distant learning has proven very popular and it’s understandable. Learning at your own time and leisure allows those who are working part or full-time, to learn when they feel able to. It isn’t always easy to go to a local college for whatever reason, but online learning is much more effective for some. You can learn the different topics and even different forums available that you may want to become a part of such as an erectile dysfunction forum (if you are interested in this subject) or general health care topics.

Get Up To Speed with the Latest Ethics and Pharmacy Lingo

If you want to start your career on the right foot, you ideally need to know everything there is to know. That may be difficult but it can be made a lot easy if you know the basic elements. You learn as you work because you gain experience on a daily basis, but if you don’t know the basics of being a pharmacy technician you are going to sink. It’s necessary to learn the latest pharmacy ethics and practices so that you can be sure you’re starting your career correctly. Also, you need to learn the lingo associated with pharmacy. You could use an online pharmacy forum to assist you with this part though it’s not too tricky to learn short-hand meanings.

A Door to New Opportunities

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians have quite a lot of tasks in their everyday careers and it can be fantastic to say the least. There are thousands who adore the idea of this work and it may be something you’re interested in too. Learning how to become a pharmacy technician is simple and you can check out a pharmacy forum and post questions if you wanted to know more.Get latest information at

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