Choosing a Good Massage Bed

The many products that fall under the category of massage beds come in a variety of styles and operate using different technology. They are available in models ranging from inexpensive portable units to high tech models that are quite an investment. You will need to consider your needs and budget when determining what’s best for you but here are some of the available options.

Despite the fact that massage beds are meant to be comfortable and luxurious, there are certain warnings you need to remember before you purchase. Massage beds can present some risks for certain people, including women who are pregnant, the disabled and the elderly.


Considering that any form of automatic massage can be dangerous to a pregnant woman, you should only rely on experienced professionals. If someone has mobility issues, due to age or a disability, they should always have supervision when using massage beds. Massage beds are generally quite safe to use, but it’s important to understand that some people should not use them when alone.

Traveling water jets massage your body in aqua beds. These include adjustable features such as water temperature, the direction the water flows, and how deep the massage is. You can, therefore, get a relaxing massage or a vigorous one designed to relieve sore muscles or problem areas. Aqua beds are offered by several companies and come in a variety of styles and prices. And if there’s a seller in your area, you may even be able to test one out. These will give you a very thorough massage and you need only lie there and enjoy.

The Silver Cloud Jade Massage Bed is a top-of-the-line unit used in high-end spas but it is also available for home use. The unit provides deep tissue penetrations, using Far Infrared Light that is emitted through the jade rollers. The ten jade rollers go over your legs as well as your back, and they can be set according to your body size to ensure the most comfortable and therapeutic massage. A team of engineers and doctors designed this bed and, at present, it is the most advanced unit available.


You get four different settings, including a gentle massage and full chiropractic treatment. Massage beds, as we’ve seen, can do more than just give you a simple massage. Depending on the model you get, you can get thorough acupressure and even chiropractic treatments. You also have the option of buying a cheaper, portable unit. This article has only covered a few types of beds, but they are still a pretty good guide to get you thinking of what else is on the market. If you decide to purchase a massage bed, be sure to get one that has features that will give you the type of treatment you want.

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